Round Hole 1:1 Drawing

R0.8T1.6 OA23%
R1T2 OA23%
R1.2T2.5 OA21%
R1.5T3 OA23%
R2T3 OA40%
R3T5 OA33%
R4T6 OA40%
R5T7 OA46%
R6T10 OA33%
R8T12 OA40%
R10T15 OA40%
R15T20 OA51%

Oblong Hole 1:1 Drawing

R1L10-Z7X14 OA20%
R2L20-Z10X25 OA31%
R3L20-Z14X26 OA32%
R4L20-Z10X25 OA61%
C1.25L20-U2.5X25 OA40%
C1.5L20-U3X25 OA40%
C1.75L20-U3.5X25 OA40%
C2.25L20-U4.5X25 OA40%
C2.5L20-U5X25 OA40%

“A secret to life: Know that none of this matters, and yet… live as if every single moment does.”

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